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Ly Son island is considered as the paradise of all holiday-makers.  It is well-know be the sole island of Quang Ngai province that is formed based on a volcano. With some people whose have interested in many road trips, Ly Son may not be a familiar name, but in the international tourist community, the island is the ideal destination to relax and have memorable moments together with family members or friends.

It is not exaggerated to state that Ly Son island Viet Nam is the most spectacular volcano scenery and is compared with “Jeju island” of Korea. Explore its natural beauty and you will recognize why it is a trapped tourist.

Overview of Ly Son Island

Overview of Ly Son Island

Ly Son island has two big islands: Lon and Be- two exciting name and on islet: Mu Cu. Lon island (Ly Son island), which is located in the center, is known as  the “ natural pearl island” with mysterious beauty and spectacular sceneries. Be island has a different name: An Binh and it is a charming beach with natural blue ocean ,white sand and breath-taking views.… The smallest island is Mu Cu islet where is unpopulated and very nearly Lon island.

When to Visit Ly Son Island?

Because it is located in  the middle of Viet Nam, the overall weather is always nice and warm which is an ideal climate to travel Ly Son island VietNam. But from June to September is perfect summertime for travellers to go here to relax the tranquillity, enjoy the sun, swim, hike and discover the island’s natural beauty. Nevertheless,  in the summer , there are some storms that cause torrential rain, along with strong winds and waves. It is really dangerous for visitors so that tourists should watch weather broadcast before to have an awesome trip.  summer is the best season for travelling , but tourists should avoid weekends and holidays because in  peak time, it is so crowded.

Visit Ly Son island is a great idea

Visit Ly Son island is a great idea

In addition , travelers have a different choice by exploring  both the magnificent views of picturesque landscapes and unique culture in garlic harvest time - From September to early December. You have a chance to truly experience watching how to grow and crop “ Lonely Garlic”.  The locals plan garlic anywhere on the beach in September and harvest in December or early so Ly Son is also called “ Kingdom garlic” . However, the weather during wintertime is not nice, a little bit cold, rainy, windy, so you should have a look broadcast reports to prepare carefully for a trip to Ly Son island.

How to Get to Ly Son Island?

Holiday-makers can easily get to the Ly Son island Quang Ngai by themselves.  Firstly, you go to Quang Ngai province by bus, train, car, taxi or plane. And then , they need to take a taxi or a bus to Sa Ky Port. The first ferry from Sa Ky port begins at 8:00 am. The ferry is the only way to go to the island. Visitors often take a long time to buy tickets because it is an appealing destination.  A ferry ticket is 115.000 VN Dong and with a motorbike is 50.000 VN Dong, but you need to pay more 40.000 VN Dong for loading. Moreover, if you park your motorbike at the port, you need to pay 5000 VN Dong/per day. Finally, having a seat in a ferry and waiting some minutes is the essence to get Ly Son island

Things to do and see

1. Visit Duc Pagoda and the Quan Am Statue

Duc Pagoda locates  on top of Gieng Tien Mount. Tourists have to climb over 100 steps to contemplate this stunning temple. From here you can overlook all the scenery of the island.  Duc pagoda is the harmony association between human and nature

2. Hike up Thoi Loi Mountain

In the past it is a volcano, Thoi Loi Mountain is now a favourite place with numerous tourist visit every day. Backpackers go here to enjoy capturing the magnificent beauty of the whole island and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  On top of the mountain, tourists can not only enjoy the breath of the ocean but also  see National Flag Tower.  Follow signs and remember to get far from the military base easily reach the top of the mountain.

Thoi Loi mountain

Thoi Loi mountain

3. Purchase “Lonely Garlic” – the local speciality

As mentioned , “Lonely Garlic” is Ly Son Island’s is  considered as a symbol of Ly Son island.  It is quite small and has a clove, but the taste is so spicy that it becomes extremely popular in Viet Nam. A kilogram is so expensive, about 800.000 VN Đong.

4. To Vo Gate-Heaven gate

To Vo gate is one of the most  impressive attractions in Ly Son . A lot of visitors, photographers, couples flock here to contemplate the sunset or the draw. At first, it is a small ridge, but the ocean has covered this into masterpieces of nature.  Tourist should see at the draw or at sunset with most magnificent sunshine.

Nowadays, Ly Son Island is a well-known destination with incredibly picturesque sceneries which attracts thousands of tourists coming every year. If you want to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and an exclusive exploration, have a visit Ly Son island right now.

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